Synthetic Chemist

Hampford Research (HRI) is looking for a top-notch Synthetic Chemist to provide a wide range of scientific support to our organization.

HRI is one of the most successful specialty chemical companies in the US, particularly in the electronics, coatings, personal care and dental markets and we are seeking a top-notch Synthetic Chemist to join their technical team in preparing for the next phase of our company growth.

You’ll make lab scale commercial product batches, help bring new products to market, and develop or test product cost/efficiency initiatives. You’ll work on a greater variety of projects than you ever dreamed possible, and you’ll be challenged in a role that might require another 5 years of experience in a larger company.

Are you ready to impact some of the most well-known brands and products? Our client roster reads like a marquee list of Fortune 500 industrial and consumer companies. Our ideal candidate will have an undergrad and preferably a graduate degree in chemistry with a well-rounded background in synthesis chemistry – both organic and inorganic. You’ll have started your career in a lab and you still love working as a bench chemist. You’re ready to bring your lab discipline, skills and experience to our small, but growing company. At this point in your career, you want to leverage your impact in a key role on our team – bringing innovation, experimentation, and strong intellectual capability to helping solve our most challenging chemistry challenges. You pride yourself on being a self-starter and on getting projects completed – either by yourself or with a small team and then moving onto the next challenge.

You’ll be a key member of small high-performing well-recognized team at a diverse, welcoming, family-oriented company. Your innovative and creative mindset, your level of initiative, and your ability to work with all team members, will allow you – and our company – to experience great success in the future.

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Lab Technician

If you have a chemistry background and want to support scientific analysis, investigation, research and development, consider a career as a Laboratory Technician at Hampford Research Inc. You’ll be involved in a variety of analytical-based investigations within the specialty chemical industry.

Do you pride yourself on your meticulous attention to detail and time management while working in a scientific team? Do you enjoy being the technical support to both scientific and non-scientific stakeholders? Maybe you love to maintain and learn about analytical instrumentation? This includes testing, measuring, recording and analyzing, and reporting results as part of a scientific team. As a Laboratory Technician at Hampford Research Inc. we would rely on you to provide the required technical support to enable the laboratory to function effectively, while adhering to correct procedures and health and safety guidelines.

You’ll be a key member of small high-performing well-recognized team at a diverse, welcoming, family-oriented company. Your work will assist in the advancement and development of the company. It plays an important role in the foundation stages of research and development (R&D) and in scientific analysis and investigation of our established products. The advantages of being a Laboratory Technician at Hampford Research Inc. include the ability to quickly pivot from product to product, ensuring you will never grow bored with your day-to-day. Ideally you want to apply your current analytical skills to a dynamic range of chemical analyses and are always looking to improve your techniques and the techniques of the team.

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