Energy Cured Resins


Hampford Research was founded in 1982 by Jack Hampford, a pioneer in the reactive monomer industry in the late 1960's and 1970's. Our team of chemists and engineers are available to support high-quality custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services including synthesis and characterization new monomers and various specialty macro monomers.

Our capabilities include:

  • Monomer synthesis
  • Oligomer synthesis
  • Different end group chemistries
  • Scale-up from gram quantities to hundreds of kilograms at single batch
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HRI Prod. #NameDescriptionCAS Number
FP5020Bis (GDMA) PhosphateHigh-purity monomer suitable for dental applications168191-79-5
FP5030Bis HEMA PhosphateUnique liquid monomer designed to promote adhesion in dental applications32435-46-4
FP5040BDMAHigh-purity monomer suitable for dental applications3253-39-2
FP5049Bis HEMA Phosphate Tech GradeLiquid monomer designed to promote adhesion in industrial applications. It can be combined with acrylic resins, unsaturated polyesters and other UV-curable resins.32435-46-4
FP5340Mono HEMA PhosphateAromatic, carboxylic acid-containing monomer. It is useful in many adhesive and emulsion applications where the functionality of a methacrylate is needed.27697-00-3