HRI and ISO Certification

HRI and ISO Certification

Having ISO certification shows proof that your company abides by the standards designated by the International Organization for Standardization. This certification is proof of a company’s commitment to quality, and to its ongoing efforts to identify areas for improvement and to take action toward those improvements.

Obtaining ISO certification can be a long process, but it can help your company in many ways: obtaining a better understanding of your organization, sustained focus on quality, improved employee morale, reduction in waste and improved efficiency, and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Hampford Research began its goal towards ISO certification almost accidentally a few years ago. We had set a goal to formalize a Quality Management System (QMS) to begin documenting our procedures and processes, revising and improving them at the same time. The goal at that time was improved efficiency and standardization of the processes and procedures we use that have proven effective and needed to be repeated to ensure product consistency and quality.

With the QMS in place and effective, a series of very successful customer audits made it clear that we were ready for the next step, ISO certification. ISO certification had been discussed, but had always seemed too complicated, too expensive, and something better-suited for large companies.

Working with Connstep, our ISO team identified HRI’s organizational risks and monitors, developed an audit schedule, and most importantly, identified our key process goals and the ways to measure and monitor them. Measuring and monitoring have proven to be the most challenging part of certification. While we had always worked toward these goals, having them clearly defined and progress recorded were the keys to better understanding the real processes that make our company succeed.

With the sustained leadership of HRI management and contribution from literally every employee Hampford proudly achieved ISO 90021:2015 certification in November 2019.

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