Importance of Values

Importance of Values

In Lean Production you learn that your customers’ biggest concern is value; that they are getting what they paid for. Your company’s values are probably not of any interest to them, and yet your company’s values are the force behind your product – how it is made, the people who make it, the quality standards you have set and maintain. While your customers may not be interested in reading about them, they are certain to be happy that you have them.

Hampford Research has seven Values that are deeply embedded in our culture:

Respect/Accountability/Honesty/Open Communication/Quality/Teamwork/Safety

At HRI these values are reinforced on a continual basis and help form the structure that enables us to bring quality and assurance to our customers. Our world-class customer service, employee development and continuous improvement are evidence of the effectiveness of these values. Our working environment empowers its people and fosters initiative and open communication, resulting in happier employees and better products and value for our customers.

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