Hampford Research is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals for the Electronics, Coatings, Printing and Personal Care industries.  Our Handcrafted Solutions For A High-tech World" philosophy allows us to form collaborative relationships with our customers, often resulting in unique, one of a kind solutions to their most complex challenges.  Contact us for more details.


Hampford Research is a strategic supplier to the coatings market, both as a contract manufacturer as well as a manufacturer of key raw materials. Our product offering includes: adhesion promoting monomers, photoinitiators, cationic photo acid generators, co-initiators and inhibitors.

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HRI produces both radical photoinitiators and photoacid generators used in the electronics and printed circuit board industries. These unique compounds offer ultra-high-purity, solubility and reactivity for the most critical applications.

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Personal Care

HRI offers a paraben-free preservative used in make-up, lotions and creams. Line of custom blends used in cosmetics and hair care products.

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Dental Solutions

HRI specializes in monomers and photo-initiators for restorative dental applications.

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Printing / Imaging

HRI specializes in Infrared dyes, free radical and cationic photo-initiators , co-initiators and sensitizers, used in computer-to-plate, digital, flexographic, holographic and 3D printing applications. We've recently begun work on a family of water soluble PI's for printing and imaging applications

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