Projects and Teams

Projects and Teams

After completing a successful 8-month project to upgrade our ERP system we learned quite a bit about the benefits of projects and project teams, and how they align with one of our core values, Teamwork. There are many reasons why you should put together a team to complete a project that is particularly crucial for your business. Here are a few to consider:

Different Skills
Often teams work well because team members rely on each other to bring individual talents to the table. Some people are good with language, others with numbers. A good mix, with organizers and schedulers, technical specialists, financial experts, even the get-along-with-everyone types, will keep the workload balanced and communication flowing.

Dividing the workload according to skills will help the team stay on schedule. Employees using their specific skills and expertise will help get tasks accomplished on time with minimal errors. Project work also improves accountability, as team members will want to be a part of the success.

Shared Ideas
Good collaboration can speed your progress. Problems that may have taken days or weeks to solve individually can be solved in a few hours using the strengths of a team. Sharing work styles and methods gives all project members a chance to pick up skills from their teammates and build upon their strengths. These newly learned skills can help them look at their own work with a new perspective.

Team projects allow people to feel proud of their contributions. People have a strong desire to feel their work is valued. Being part of a team working on a key project can boost employee morale by providing that opportunity. Achieving company goals is not just helpful for employees – it benefits the employer in the long run as well.

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