Lab / Pilot Scale-Up

In a typical relationship, Hampford Research will collaborate closely with our customers, regardless where they are in the scale-up process. We will carefully review what work has already been done and mutually agree on appropriate next steps and timelines. In many cases our discussions will include potential process changes designed to improve yields or lower costs. We will continue to foster this collaborative relationship throughout the life cycle of the product.

Once we’ve completed all the necessary process and safety reviews, the project generally moves to our pilot plant. This allows us to manufacture material in true production conditions, while maintaining tight process control.

Hampford Research pilot plant provides the best opportunity for developing and testing of new products and new processes, along with incorporating new ideas into current processes.
It is specifically designed to test your unique process and production requirements in an accurate, small-scale simulation. Our pilot plant process will also reveal bottlenecks and other unforeseen process problems, allowing corrections to be made while still in a low-cost environment.

Our laboratory technicians can provide you with quick and low-cost assessments of process and product development, as well as custom analytical procedures and product quality testing.
Along with test data, our pilot plants can provide small production batches for analysis, test markets or specialty markets.